The Only Mobile App Analytics & Management Platform You Own!

Why trust your data on someone else’s servers?

Mobilytics is a complete modular Analytics, Acquisition & App Management solution that is installed on YOUR servers, or servers YOU control.

Mobilytics Server is for you if:

  • You don’t want to invest in a complete “in-house” solution
  • You are uncomfortable keeping your vital user data on a Third-party server
  • You don’t want your Analytics vendor using your data to create reports and products to sell to your competitors
  • You don’t want to risk installing Third-party libraries, with hard coded URLs to their servers that you have no control over.
  • You fear what happens to your data and your apps if your Analytics vendor should cease its operations, or have major technical or company issues.
  • You want to pay for only the features you use. (View our add-ons)
  • You need access to your data at every level from inside the interface, to SQL queries
  • You need the ability to build custom features over your data and use it seamlessly with your in-house data.
  • You want to use additional reporting tools such as Tableau to directly access the Fact and Dimension tables that contain your data.
  • You want a full featured API to access your data from custom and commercial tools

So What Is Mobilytics?

Scalable Architecture

Mobilytics Server  can easily grow from a single hosted website using SQLite database, to a distributed, multi-tier platform supporting billions of events on a NOSQL cluster. The option is yours! Our “Data Provider” architecture allows simple plug and play components to scale up or down easily.

Supported Databases

  • SQLite (for those small guys)
  • Microsot SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgresSQL
  • Sybase
  • SQL Azure
  • Azure Tables and Queues
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon RDS

Download the  Free Edition Now!

The free edition of Mobilytics includes a license for tracking and managing a single mobile app, with the platform being installed on a single web server. It includes the basic Analytics, Install Tracking, and Sales reports.

To compare the Editions of Mobilytics, the Pricing, and Add-ons, visit our Product Options Page!